Vegan Living

Living Consciously

At MOD Santorini we created a healthy environment for the things that matter in life. The respect for nature and sustainable policies make us a unique accommodation establishment where you can feel guilt free and enjoy your holidays in Santorini.

A Vegan & Sustainable Accommodation

MOD Santorini is the first Vegan and Sustainable Hotel in Santorini and here are some reasons…

  • Consciously thinking about materials from construction, to soft furnishes.
  • All bed linen, mattress, pillows, sheets, towels.
  • Full Vegan Mini Bar, including local vegan wines.
  • Full Vegan Breakfast, complementary vegan breakfast with additional menu available. 
  • Vegan Kitchen Onsite. 
  • Vegan Cleaning Products
  • Vegan Beauty Products 
  • Vegan Amenities
Respecting Nature

At MOD Santorini, protecting and preserving the environment is of utmost importance. We have adopted sustainable operating practices and minimized our plastic consumption and carbon footprint while being a low-waste, eco-conscious boutique hotel property. From the initial steps of construction to our daily practices, we incorporate our respect for our planet and our guests into everything we do, creating an eco-friendly hospitality experience, where wellness is a given, where every day is devoted to the simple things that matter the most.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

In order to minimize the environmental impact, at Mod Santorini we:

  • Conserve Energy
  • Limit Water Waste
  • Have limited single-use and plastic consumables
  • Our hotel is low waste and conscious about single-use plastic
  • Use of sustainable linens
  • Use of eco - friendly cleaning products
  • Serving local and organic produce
  • We use and offer filtered water for drinking and cooking
  • All items that we offer are purchased consciously to lower the impact that hospitality has on our earth