Meet Anargyros & Christina, the inspirators

Owners Anargyros and Christina go into detail about why it was important to create Mod Santorini, a fully vegan hotel. “Having a vegan hotel is about all aspects, the animals, the food, the environment, to be conscious of every decision we make. We just knew there would be likeminded humans who share the same passions as we do, and for us owning a hotel is more than just a hospitality service, it is a joy we get to share with our community every day”.

Anargyros Fousteris

I have always been a lover of cats, ever since I can remember I have been looking after all the stray neighborhood cats, sterilizing them and keeping them healthy. Every month I purchase food and make sure they are fed. Some stay and become our pets and some wonder the streets exploring, returning knowing that there is always food available. The more we connect with our guests, the more excited I am about running a vegan hotel; it seems everyone loves cats as much as I do. It is my sincere hope that, with the help of our community, we can create a cat sanctuary on the island. I enjoy contributing to animal welfare on the island and sharing my passion with likeminded humans.

Christina Boutros

Growing up I was blessed with parents who grew their fruits and vegetables in our garden. We played outside in the garden as kids and often made our own fun for hours around the orchards. Food was always cooked at home, both parents cooking amazing Greek and Egyptian Cuisine. To this day, my family have a thriving property with amazing organic produce ready to nourish our bodies. It is important to me to know what I am putting inside my body, not only with food, but with cosmetics and personal care products as well. To me, having a vegan hotel is being holistic in the approach of an overall wellness experience by assisting travellers to be nourished while staying with us, mind, body and soul. Being healthy while travelling to me is important and I am aware it is not always easily accessible. To provide great vegan food to our guests is important. This is why we decided to offer a complimentary plant-based breakfast daily to all our guests, allowing them to fuel-up before exploring the island.