Into the History and Beauty

Our land, our home, our first love; we love and respect our homeland Santorini, and we strive to do our best to ensure a brighter future for its nature and the planet alike. Santorini’s architecture has always been oriented towards being eco-friendly and sustainable and most activities on the island today are eco-conscious, paving the way to a better world. Let’s enjoy this world together, and help future generations enjoy it too.


The Prehistoric Era

Santorini, a destination known around the world for its breath-taking beauty and utterly romantic ambience. The island is with a rich past and fascinating history. Inhabited for millennia, Santorini flourished; many historians believe this is the very Atlantis, a wondrous island home to an advanced civilization, admired by all in ancient time. The devastating eruption of the volcano in 1600 BC sank the largest part of the island, giving it its current crescent-moon shape, and inevitably brought that civilization to its demise. The archaeological excavation of Akrotiri attests to the ancient glory of the island and offers visitors an impressive look to the past, a virtual travel back in time.

The Medieval Evolution

The medieval era of Santorini left a larger mark on the island. The imposing Kastelia of Santorini, five castle-like cities constructed in a manner unique to the Cyclades were home and shelter alike for the locals. The cities’ residences were built close to each other, with sturdy outer walls meant to serve as the castle’s fortification, narrow winding streets and limited access points, an effective warden against corsairs and looters.

The Kastelia of Santorini

Nowadays, the remaining Kastelia of Pyrgos and Emporio with their evocative ambience and mesmerising serenity are living and breathing relics of the past, and spots not to be missed when exploring the island. From the Kastelia of Akrotiri and Agios Nikolaos in Oia, nothing is left but the Goulas towers, the vantage points of each Kasteli, whereas Skaros at Imerovigli is ideal for admiring the sunset away from the bustling crowds and in truly unique natural surroundings.

The Hidden Gems

Apart from its rich, intriguing history, Santorini has so much beauty to offer its visitors. The stunning caldera and its pristine architecture, a dazzling jewel atop the cliffs; magnificent panoramas to the eternal blue of the Aegean; the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Explore a world balanced between sea and land, where the power of the volcano meets the persistence of time and human ingenuity, and discover the real Santorini, an island of beauty, glory and amazement, a world that you will instantly fall in love with. Welcome to Santorini!