Mod Tours

Enjoy Santorini Like a Local

Discover the island of Santorini with a local guide who will lead you to all of the island's major attractions, as well as some magnificent hidden gems that only locals know about.

3 Days Tour Santorini

Discover the unique island of Santorini with the 3-Day Tour by MOD Tours and enjoy the views, the hidden sites, the most interesting attractions along with corners and spots where only a local can drive you. The 3-Day Tour experience takes you around the central and south side of the island to explore the history, the beaches and views you may miss without your guide. From the picturesque village of Pyrgos and Traditional Village of Emporio to the Lighthouse of Akrotiri in the south and everything in between, unveil every aspect of Santorini's beauty.

South Santorini Tour

Visit the Prehistoric Settlement of Akrotiri, the unique Red Beach, the Santorini Heart viewpoint and many other highlights with the South Santorini Tour by MOD Tours. Enjoy the breathtaking caldera and volcano views take photos that you will cherish forever and learn the secret stories of the Santorini's highlights through our local tour guide.

Santorini Sunset Tour

An afternoon delight, most tourists flock to the overcrowded Oia to watch the sunset, where you will go on this tour is quite the opposite journey. From the tallest peak of the island, to watching the windmills turn with the sun setting and then to end with the most picturesque location of the island where you might even be one of the only ones to see this glory.

Meet your Guide

Argyris Fousteris, the co-owner of MOD was born and raised in Santorini, with a genuine love for his island and adventure. He will be your driver and guide wherever you choose to visit and explore on the island of Santorini, and he will share the secrets of each stop. Together you will visit off-road places and hidden gems of the island that only a local knows. Embark on a MOD Tour to discover what is meant to be enjoyed by a few.