Enjoy the Delicious Side of Santorini

Santorini’s volcanic ground, despite it seeming unproductive at first glance, has favoured the cultivation of some unique products with intense flavour and extraordinary attributes.

The Santorini Products

From golden velvety fava beans to aethereal white aubergines and from juicy cherry tomatoes to fiery capers, Santorini’s products are delicious as they are rare. And if these weren’t enough, the local grape varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani among others make for some truly exquisite wines, such as the world-renowned Vinsanto and more acclaimed labels. Ask us for a Vegan Cooking Class session or more info about the volcanic and delicious Santorini products.

The Wines of Santorini

As for the local wines, traditional and modern wineries all around the island are open to the public and welcome visitors wishing to taste their unique offerings. Wine tastings are among the most exciting activities for foodies and wine lovers, which can be combined with culinary pairing experiences, cooking classes, sunset viewing and more. Let us know if you would be interested in a gastronomic or a wine tasting experience in Santorini, and we’ll suggest and arrange the best proposals around the island!

Vegan Santorini, Recommendations

Inspired by these superb products, local gastronomy has evolved over the years, incorporating modern techniques and ingredients from around the world, to create a world of culinary wonder with Santorinian character. Explore local gastronomy in restaurants, cafés and bars around the island, where the taste of modern Santorini unfolds for your palate’s pleasure, and never miss a chance to savour some of the famed local ingredients. Vegan menus are to be found in the majority of Santorini’s gastronomic proposals.